Maintenance Policy



The Cooperative’s maintenance policy covers the following:

Category What the Co-Op Covers: What the Member is Responsible For:
T.V Antennas Only master T.V antennas owned/maintained by co-op are permitted on property
Damages Damage by fire, flood, acts of God, personal property on unit
Exterior maintenance(General) General: Co-op covers the maintenance of the original building exterior i.e. painting, caulking , repair and replacing heating and cooling units, signage, exterior light fixtures, walkways, stairways, railings, and roofs General: Member is responsible for maintaining additions and improvements such as apartment patio enclosures, or any structure or patio cover in townhouse courtyards at your own expense. Note: Corporation has the right to require, at your own expense, the removal or reinstatement to its original state any unauthorized improvements of fixture at any time.
Doors: Co-op will maintain and replace due to normal wear and tear all standard exterior doors and townhouse courtyard gates. Member is responsible for glass and/or locks on all doors. Any upgrade to door is responsibility of owner. Member must also pay for repair of any door that is not due to natural wear and tear. Example: if your door has been forcibly opened.
House numbers Co-op will replace all Unit numbers
Lighting Co-op provides and replaces all exterior light fixtures and bulbs Member is responsible for all townhouse courtyards and apartments poolside lights are the responsibility of the member.
Locks You are responsible for all entrance locks to your Unit and storage area lockers. You may purchase replacement locks from the Co-op.
Windows, Screens, Awnings, Security Bards Corporation will repair and replace standard screens and pay for parts under $10.00. Member is to maintain and repair all window glass and awnings.  You may install wrought iron security bars on windows and security gates as patio enclosures with the Corporation’s written approval.


Interior Maintenance(General) Corporation is responsible for maintenance, repair , and replacement of unit’s water heater and unit’s heating and cooling system (HVAC system).Corporation will provide labor for standard water line and standard plumbing repairs. Member is responsible for repair, maintenance, and condition of everything else inside of one’s Unit.Note: YOU MUST REPORT ALL PLUMBING PROBLEMS AND WATER LEAKS IMMEDIATELY. 



You will pay for standard replacement parts costing $10.00 or more.


It is your responsibility to treat the Unit with due care and maintain the Unit in good condition with only normal wear and tear.

Bathtubs You must pay for resurfacing and/or replacement of your bathtub is caused by damage or neglect.
Bathtub Surrounding You must pay for repair and replacement of bathtub surrounding
Carpeting/Flooring You are responsible for maintenance, repair, and replacement of all flooring in your Unit.
Dishwashers With corporation approval, you may install a dishwasher. You must pay for installation, repair, and maintenance.  You may have to pay for any water damage resulting from improper installation, operation or maintenance.
Electrical Outlets and Switches Corporation will repair electrical wiring, outlets, and switches. If replacement parts cost $10.00 or more per work order, you must pay for them.It is your responsibility to have light fixtures and ceiling fans installed, repaired, and replaced.
Garbage Disposals Optional and available for purchase from the Corporation. Corporation will install disposals. Repair of your disposal (if repairable) is available through the Corporation.
Heating and Air Conditioning Units (HVAC) Corporation will maintain, repair, and replace heating and air conditioning systems and thermostats. Member is responsible for replacing furnaces filter each month. You can obtain free furnace filters for your unit from the office.
Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities If your unit has original cabinets, the Corporation may repair them if they have parts available. Member must pay for repair and replacement of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities if they are NOT original.
Plumbing and Faucets Corporation will repair all plumbing problems including garbage disposals and drain leaks.

Corporation stocks some Price Pfizer and Delta kitchen, bathtub and bathroom fixtures/faucets.



Corporation will repair faucets however, you must obtain any non-standard parts. You will be billed for parts $10.00 or more per work order.

If faucets cannot be repaired, you must pay for the replacement.

Refrigerators You must pay for repair and replacement of your refrigerator.
Sinks Corporation will repair original porcelain and cast iron sinks, if repairable. You must pay for replacement and resurfacing of all sinks if damaged by neglect or abuse.
Smoke Detector Corporation will repair and/or replace smoke detectors.
Stoves If your unit has an original hard-wired electric stove, the Corporation will install a 220 volts outlet. You must pay for repair and replacement of stoves.
Toilets Corporation will repair standard original toilets, if possible. If it cannot be repaired, the Corporation will replace the toilet unless it was found to be damaged by abuse or neglect. You must pay for standard replacement parts of $10.00 or more per work order.
Washer/Dryers If you live in a townhouse, you must pay for the installation, repair and maintenance of your washer/dryer. You may have to pay for any water damage resulting from improper installation, operation, or maintenance.
Water heaters Corporation will maintain, repair, and replace your water heater with a standard unit.
Window Treatments It is your responsibility to pay for installation, repair, and replacement of window treatments, curtain rods, shades, shutters, ect.
Water Damage Corporation will repair or replace structural elements of your Unit damaged by water found not to be caused by your neglect.*Note: Corporation will pay for any damage by the Corporation during maintenance repairs, but you MUST notify Office of this damage within 72 hours of the incident.


*Corporation does not pay for any remodeling of units.

*Any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Office.